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Vietnam Visa for tourists in Saigon

Vietnam Visa for tourists in Saigon

Speedboat on the Saigon River is a medium that can take you to anywhere in the city, any sites you want to just you say speedboat will take you away. All interesting places, all landscapes, you will take very little time to arrive and enjoy the scenery and beauty really here without Vietnam visa. High-speed train is a tour takes you on a tour of Saigon, after the tour is finished you can enjoy a vegetarian meal in a local temple, you will feel comfortable relaxing than ever. City Postal Built in 1886-1891, located at No. 2, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. It is built based on the design of a famous French designer, and this place has become an important symbol of the city, the postal is a combination of multiple-tier architecture together, is gothic, renaissance, and mostly French architectural style of ancient times. The first sight that visitors can feel like they are back to the years of the 20th century by European railways, instead of seeing a post office in Asia. All that decorate the inside, all elaborately furniture gorgeous, until the floor tiles are made you feel the feat here. This is a typical architecture of the city if you have come to HCM, you should not skip this place.

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